Quick Guide


To test out most features you need to masquerade as users who have other  'Roles'. You should see a block to your left - Masquerade - with QuickSwitch links to become either a Volunteer or an Officer or a CRM Admin.

With each role switch you will find different blocks in the left sidebar, and you should have different outcomes when you click on eg My Contacts.

Navigation Blocks per user role

If you are logged in you should find a Menu Block in the left sidebar with links to key forms and displays. The links you see will vary depending on the Role your user has. There is a fuller list of forms at the bottom of the home page.

Support and Feedback

You may be able to access 'real time' support via this form, or you can submit it as an email request. Also, you should find a Feedback option near the bottom right corner of any page. Submitting one of these will notify us of your question. How quickly we will respond will depend on the arrangement we have with you.